Sunday, September 1, 2013


Well, I see that it has been 18 days since I last posted anything. I have no internet access at home, and I am way too busy at work to be writing blog posts. It's funny, I was completely overwhelmed at the seminary, and felt like I would never catch up--I never did--but I sometimes seemed to be able to find time to write there--mostly at lunch and before 8:00. At the parish, I am very busy, but not at all overwhelmed. Still, I never have time to write, even when I'm there early, and if I finish eating early, I go back to work. 

It shouldn't be any suprise to anyone--if anyone is even still checking the blog except my devoted spambots--that I plan to put the blog on hold for a while. I need some distraction-free time to pray and--well, mostly to pray.  So, I won't be posting anything until at least Advent, and maybe until Christmas, but I don't know if I can resist the lure of Advent. I hope to be writing during my time away, but I frequently hope that without results.

I'll probably turn off the comments sometime tomorrow, but the blog will still be up. 

For those of you who are Facebook friends, I have most of you hidden now so I won't be seeing what you say. I'll basically only be using Facebook to connect with my adult children and a few others for the next few months. If you need to let me know something for some reason, you can inbox on Facebook, or I think my email address is on my blogger info page. But I suspect you won't need to reach me.

I've asked Maclin at Light on Dark Water to let the folks there know when we move back home and when I start up the blog again, and I'll put something on Facebook, too.

God Bless you all, and thank you for reading. I'll miss you. Pray for me.


It's a Jungle Out Here

I have my own parking place at the condo where I live. This is the car that parks to my left.

This is the car that parks to the left of the one above.

I didn't get a clear picture of this one, but you can make out the silver cat leaping on the trunk.

This one parks to my right.

Here's my poor Nissan in the middle of these beasts. I back out very carefully.

You can see the third one lurking in the garage behind the tree. This picture was taken from our friends' balcony.

This is the view from the balcony. We sit here sometimes and drink wine. Life is very tough.

I always tell people that living here is like living in Downtown Disney. The view from my balcony today confirmed it.

The truck is my husband's. We definitely don't belong in Downtown Disney.

When I turn out of the driveway everyday, this is what I see. It's the Mississippi. I want to go walk down there, but circumstances have prohibited it.

Here's a few more pictures that I've been meaning to post but I never have internet access for very long.

On my way to someplace or other one day, I passed my grandfather's old liquor store. I never went in there myself, but I always liked the little jugs. We used to sing "Little Brown Jug" in my house when we were little. I don't think my grandfather actually went in the store much himself. His partner managed it.

I wouldn't get out of my car in this part of town now, but I risked taking a picture.

This is a picture of a t-shirt that I saw in the hotel that we stayed in the first week after the tree fell. It was encouraging to see that scripture at that time. The girl was nice enough to pose for me, but I came up with a blurry picture anyway. That's okay because everything was looking pretty blurry then.

Another picture from the hotel. I was really glad that we weren't in Building D.

We began with a car and we end with a car. I saw this one at Starbucks. I don't know if you can see the little square bumper sticker to the right. You might be able to see it if you click on the picture. It says, "Love." So, love, coexistence and daleks.