Sunday, September 9, 2012

This Disturbs Me

Every day on my way to work, I pass this mailbox, and I ask myself what on earth this poor cow could possibly have done to deserve decapitation. It's even more disturbing to think that every day the mailman cooperates with this evil by consenting to insert mail into the actual site of the mutilation.

What I've been doing 

On September 1, I started working on a post about a book that I read 10 years ago and about halfway through it became evident that I really was going to have to read the book straight through before I could finish the post. Since then I have been reading whenever I had free time, which hasn't been often, but I'm almost finished. 

I've also spent most of the weekend working on materials for my PRE class. Every year, these classes start while I am completely buried under the preparations for the new semester, so by the time I am free to really work on lesson plans, I'm several weeks behind. Thank goodness, I'm almost caught up. Now, I hope I can get a couple of weeks ahead.

So, hopefully, I will be able to finish my post in progress and write at least one other post this week. Now I'm off to the C. S. Lewis Society to talk about Miracles, and it will be one if I can talk about it since I haven't read it.



  1. I would use that mailbox. It's cute. But I'd put the door on the other end and turn it around since 95% of mail these days is BS. Also, you'd be able to leave the head on it if it was back-loading.

  2. Somehow that image doesn't do anything for me.