Sunday, October 14, 2012

Renaissance Man

Bill picked up this business card at the local convenience store. (It's really convenient--just short of 5 miles away.) I thought the front of the card indicated a man of diverse talents.

I somehow have this image of a sofa covered in a deer hide with antlers for cupholders. 

But when he turned the card over, I was really impressed.

Actually, I'm pretty glad to know that there's somebody fairly close that does water well (I'm wondering what other kind there is--not a lot of oil in north Mississippi.) repair. When you need to have somebody fix your wellhead, they can't be close enough. I imagine this guy probably can do all sorts of other things, too, which is pretty admirable. When you live in the country, database management is not the most useful talent to have.



  1. Before I could get some gas at this convenience store, I had to shoo away an old blue tic hound dog warming himself in the sun but blocking the gas pump. He moved but only after he gave me a sad hang-dog look. Just then another driver pulled up (about my age) and said, "Excuse me, young man, have I passed the chicken ranch? He hadn't. It was just a bit more down the road.

    In the store, where I got the business card, one of the clerks was one the phone adamantly telling her husband that her 12 year old son was NOT to have his own 12 gauge shotgun, a 410 gauge was OK.

    And one more thing....
    Someone calling me "young man" is like going to the doctor and have the nurse say "AND HOW ARE WE TODAY?"

  2. Very funny. Of course, David Mitchell is not much more than half Bill's age.