Wednesday, November 21, 2012

On the Way Home From Mass

I've been on vacation this week and it's been really nice to get to go to daily Mass. Since I haven't been in a big hurry, I've been taking the long way home and I thought I'd share a couple of things I've seen along the way.

Need some extra money for Christmas?

Sorry this is so blurry, but I was shooting into the sun through my windshield. You can click and enlarge the picture if you can't read it.

You may remember this picture I posted a while back.

Apparently they thought better of that.

Notice, they still have a red square around the ampersand, but it's disappeared from the name.

I stopped at Walmart today to get a few things and I wondered why the heck they had a bunch of cattle gates in front of the store.

Then it hit me that they were going use them to herd the customers who will be standing in line for Black Friday.  You may draw your own conclusions from this.

That wasn't the only thing that hit me, and I hope you will appreciate the fact that I risked my life to bring you this picture. While I was standing in the parking lot trying to find a good angle to take the picture, I looked up and saw a young woman with a look of abject horror on her face yelling. Before I had a chance to  figure out what was going on, I felt a big thunk on my back. I'd been hit by a big van! Thankfully, I seem to be fine. I'm a bit sore and I'm not sure what my back will look like tomorrow, but that's about it. I feel worse for the poor driver than I do for myself. 

This happened after Mass. I had gone to the closer, earlier Mass in Hernando which is not my first choice of places to go, instead of the further away Mass in Southaven because I wanted to get home earlier than I got home yesterday and Monday. I stopped in Walmart where I spent an hour getting some food and buying Christmas presents. I got to the checkout counter and realized I had left my wallet sitting in front of the computer when I was buying presents yesterday. I had to beg them not to put the stuff back, but they finally agreed. So then I went out and got hit and then I drove 20 mins. home and 20 mins back and got the stuff and drove 20 minutes home! 

I have some other things to write about later today, but right now I'm hungry.



  1. Good grief, Janet. Be careful!

  2. "...but right now I'm hungry..." I believe all your readers would agree that some refreshment is definitely in order.

    1. Thanks. I'm feeling fine now. We even walked.