Thursday, May 8, 2014


No time to write, but I just found some nice pictures on Bill's camera and I thought I'd share them.

Wish I could see the birds more clearly, but I like the picture anyway.

I have tried to get this picture many times with a phone, but it's really nice to use a real camera once in a while.

Same with this picture. I love the highest one.

This little guy lived with us for a couple of weeks. You are looking up at the sloping underside of the porch roof. He was not much bigger than you see him here--about the size of a pecan. It was a while before we figure out that it was something living. I've always been a bit afraid of bats flying around, but I really became quite fond of him before he left.

Pretty sure this is fleabane.

I never knew before I saw this that our crepe myrtle has these red blossoms.

I love it when the morning or evening sun hits the treetops at this angle.

Remember you can see all the pictures enlarged if you click once on a picture.

Well, that's all for tonight. Please keep us in your prayers.


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