Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Walker Percy Moment

This is the road that we have to take to work everyday.

If you aren't familiar with Walker Percy, this quote from The Moviegoer ought to explain.
She refers to a phenomenon of moviegoing which I have called certification. Nowadays when a person lives somewhere, in a neighborhood, the place is not certified for him. More than likely he will live there sadly and the emptiness which is inside him will expand until it evacuates the entire neighborhood. But if he sees a movie which shows his very neighborhood, it becomes possible for him to live, for a time at least, as a person who is Somewhere and not Anywhere.
I don't know about anyone else around here, but I'm getting a bit irritated with the Temptations.

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On a more serious note, they have a diagnosis for what ails my mother. She has been having a really rough time of it, so if you have a moment to say a prayer for her, please do.



  1. Something over 10 years ago when we had just decided to get cable TV, I was poking around on the SyFy channel and saw the opening of a movie. There was a car driving down a road bordered by water, and I started thinking it looked familiar. As I was just thinking it looked *really* familiar, the car pulled into Argiro's, a restaurant/bait shop on the causeway that's one of two ways across Mobile Bay (for cars). I was ridiculously pleased, even excited. Unfortunately it was a junk movie about a monster alligator. Argiro's was wiped out not long after that, by either Hurricane Ivan or Katrina. But it lives in that movie, which I can't remember the name of.

    The big win is when you yourself appear on TV. I had a chance to do that once. It also had to do with the causeway. There was a hurricane coming and I had stopped for gas at a place that was later wiped out by a hurricane (the causeway is not the best place to put your business unless it can be on pilings). The causeway was closed and there was a TV reporter interviewing people. She asked me but I declined, because I was pretty sure I would just freeze up or say something incoherent. My last shot, probably.

  2. I had that experience when I was watching Cookie's Fortune, which isn't very good either, and I realized that the characters were sitting on the very dock on which I had sat about a week before. It was in Wall Doxy State Park in Mississippi.

    Did you see the link. Somebody else didn't see it even when I pointed it out. I thought it might be too unobtrusive.

  3. Apparently, the "Recent Comments" gadget really means recent comments. I would think the ones from last night should be there!