Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Since We're Talking about My House

My house was originally a dogtrot cabin. It probably looked pretty much like the one below. It was built in 1896 by a farmer named Fonzie Scott and we bought it from his great grandson, who had lived here when he was first married. I have pictures of the house when there was a pen around the front yard for the cows. They used to eat off the porch. the cabin on the right, which is now my bedroom, was once used to hold feed for the cows.

Over the years the family built a room behind the room on the left which is my dining room and another behind that which is my kitchen, and a bathroom (thank goodness) on the right side of the kitchen. They closed in the dogtrot and made into a foyer with a closet at thThis e back.

This is the way that the house looks now. The man that sold us the house remodeled it when he got married and added two bedrooms off the left side. You can see part of that addition in this picture. I looked and looked for a picture without snow and I know I have several, but they are hiding from me.


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