Monday, May 14, 2012

Gabriel Sings to Veronica

If this doesn't make your day a little bit better, nothing will. When I test the link, it goes to my comment for some reason, but you can just scroll up.

This video says better than anything else I can think of, what it really means to be pro-life. We are here. Don't worry. We'll take care of you. If we could just get past all the circular arguments and get this across to people they might be able to hear what we are talking about.

And adding to what I said yesterday, I was thinking last night that this little song also explains the reason some people are pro-abortion or pro-euthanasia. In some way or another, they haven't been taken care of. Nobody has ever sung that song to them here on earth, or they can't hear it for some reason. We need to figure out a way to sing it.

It also reminds me so much of the love of the Father for us. I think He must sing this song endlessly to us.

Cari was in my old homeschool group for a while and then moved. She also blogs at Catholic Exchange.



  1. I thought the same thing while Gabriel was singing it:
    If a little four year old child gets it- that life is precious and it's our duty and pleasure to take care of it, then there is still hope for all of us.

  2. Now if we can get that little Rose to make her appearance, everything will be okay.


  3. Most definitely a day-better-maker.