Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Few Things

When I got home last night, I found these guys on top of the piano preparing for the conclave.

I think that's Cardinal Dolan on the right.

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Further Chronicles of a Montessori-ish Catechist

Last night on my way home, I stopped at Walmart because I wanted to buy a Ken doll. Now, even though I've raised four children, this was a new experience for me. I need the Ken doll to use in my PRE class because I want to make vestments for him to teach them about the different vestments and to let them change Fr. Ken into the correct liturgical colors when the seasons change. My problem is this. Fr. Ken really needs to wear something under the vestments and, well, Ken's clothes are really inappropriate. You can get Dr. Barbie and teacher Barbie, and scientist Barbie (I think.) but apparently Ken doesn't have a job. He either wears cool surfer dude clothes, or prince clothes, or tuxedos--black-and-white polka-dot tuxedos with bright pink ruffled shirts and velveteen pants. The prince outfit had black pants and black shoes, which would be all I needed with the passable knit shirt the doll came with. Unfortunately, the black pants were sewed to the prince jacket. In the end I bought the tuxedo with the black-and-white spotted jacket and bright pink ruffled shirt because I don't think the kids will much notice that the pants are velveteen. The jacket and shirt went in the trash. I never knew the trials I would have to endure and the decisions I would have to make when I started teaching this class.
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This is a quote from a book I'm reading, "...small girls with black legs and white frocks, men in straw hats, women with Zulu headresses...." Does it present an entirely different image when I tell you that it's part of a description of an early 20th century English garden show?
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And finally--the Graffiti Dome. It's better than it sounds. There some interesting bits in the story, especially the bit about the thimble. I like the colors. They remind me of the mosaics at Ravenna.

H/T to Owen Swain at luminous.miseries.



  1. Please keep us posted on the conclave.

    1. Well, I'll be away from the computer most of tomorrow, but the cardinals say that if anything interesting comes up they'll tweet about it.