Monday, February 18, 2013

The Cross

Certainly in times of tranquility the cross should give you joy. But maintain the same faith in times of persecution. Otherwise you will be a friend of Jesus in times of peace and his enemy during war. Now you receive the forgiveness of your sins and the generous gift of grace from your king. When war comes, fight courageously for him.

Jesus never sinned; yet he was crucified for you. Will you refuse to be crucified for him, who for your sake was nailed to the cross? You are not the one who gives the favour; you have received one first. For your sake he was crucified on Golgotha. Now you are returning his favour; you are fulfilling your debt to him.
From the Catecheses by Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, bishop

I've always loved this passage from the Office of Readings for the Fourth Thursday in Ordinary Time. I meant to post it when it came around, but never got the chance. 

If anyone is interested in the meditations on the Stations of the Cross that I posted last year, you can find them all here, backwards.



  1. I just copied the Stations of the Cross meditations to supplement the Friday devotions at our church -- thanks for making them available. Thanks for the time and dedication it takes to produce them and continue to share them.

  2. You're welcome. I'm glad you find them helpful.