Monday, August 5, 2013

August 5

Well, we have now officially been out of our home for a month. The only time in my life that I have ever been away from home this long was when I was about 8 and I went to camp for 5 weeks. I was completely miserable the entire last three weeks. I'm not entirely miserable now--probably because I'm not in a cabin with a stinky little girl name Jeannie who calls me names--but I would like to go home.

Saturday night, I sat down to say evening prayer. I got through the psaltery okay, but then when I tried to find the antiphon for the Magnificat, it wasn't there. I'd run out of brieviary. Ordinary time is divided into two books: weeks 1-17, and weeks 18-34. When I realized I'd brought them both--must have been around the 14th week--I thought how silly that was because surely I wouldn't be here until the 18th week. Oh well.

This morning, I read a letter by Carryl Houselander and she told someone that she was feeling very zeroish. That, I thought, is a great description of how I feel. But sometime around mid-morning, I got to feeling much better and I'm fairly cheerful now. I do wish I had a camera at the house so I could know if they are doing any work, but I guess I'll find out in a few days. I wish I had a camera here in Miss Cordelia's so I could show you what a $51.00 cake looks like, but since Bill and I both left our phones at work -argh!-I can't. I'll just have to let you imagine.

Time to go tell Bill that our neighbors invited us for margueritas. I'm afraid I'll have to pass and head for bed, but I'm sure he would enjoy one.


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