Saturday, August 3, 2013

August So Far

Well, we have a roof with shingles and electricity and water..

We also have a really clean refrigerator with no corn growing in it, which is nice.

I must say that probably the lowest moment for me in this whole experience was when I came back to the house the first time and opened the freezer and saw the above. I felt like my home had been overwhelmed with terminal squalor and grossness and probably alien life forms. My husband was good enough to remove the nasty things immediately, but since we had no water, we couldn't really do much else.

 When I get up from this chair, I'm going to wash all the refrigerator shelves and drawers and things while Bill goes to get some sushi. I would like to write something about the movie we saw last night which completely exceded my expectations, but I don't have time at the moment. I hope to do it soon.

I am also hoping, as I hope every week, that next week we will be back in the house, but I have to admit that life is pretty pleasant where we are. I'm just really getting homesick.


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