Thursday, November 12, 2015

Shame and Glory

I've been wanting to get a picture of this for a long time, but when I pass it, I'm either on my way to work in a hurry, or coming home exhausted. Today, I left work a bit earlier than usual, and unbelievably I didn't have to stop for anything, so I pulled in the gas station across street. It's the only place to pull over within about eight miles of the sign, so I was fortunate that it was across the street. You don't find signs like this just anywhere. Note the nice crop of kudzu on the bank on the left. It's much more contained than your usual kudzu jungle.

As I was walking (quickly) across the street, I noticed a nice sunset, and just aimed my phone quickly toward the west and got this shot just before the approaching car got too close for comfort.

It strikes me that this might make a nice Easter picture.



  1. It would!

    And it looks like I can comment again. Hurrah!

  2. Very good! I'm thinking that what was happening was that when someone left a comment on the St. Martin novena page, it messed up the regular comments, so I turned off comments for the page, which I really hated to do.

    We'll see what happens.