Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I've been away from home since yesterday morning except when I was asleep, so I haven't time to write, and things are really getting busy at work as we approach the deadline for the Fall semester. (The deadline basically means the day when people decide they should start sending things in.) I've started working on something and hope to finish tonight.

In the meantime:

I noticed this room when I was having my second eye surgery and was really grateful that they don't expect the patients to participate in this activity. I would have liked to stand at the door and watch, though. I guess with all the stress that hospital personal are under they need a little exercise to help them wind down.

I'm wondering about the braille on the sign, as I always do wonder about it. How do blind people know it's there. It seems like someone would have to tell them and then I wonder why they don't just tell them what the sign says. I'm not being totally flippant. I really do wonder about this.



  1. Why is hopping a biohazard?

  2. ...or is it hopping for biohazardous staff? Why isn't there braille for the Spanish speaking?

  3. I think the braille must be an ADA thing. The building where my office is was built post-ADA and the room number of my office is in braille next to the door. I've wondered the same thing about how the blind people are supposed to know it's there, and speculated that ADA might require it always be at a certain distance from the floor. Now that I think of it, it's on a metal-framed sign somewhat like the one in your picture. I guess if you were feeling your way along a wall you know when you've come to a door, so if it's ADA-compliant you know where to find the braille. I wonder if the braille here includes all the other stuff besides "Hopper Room," or are the blind left to blunder on in even if they aren't authorized.

    "Hopper Room" suggests to me a room full of large grasshoppers or kangaroos.