Thursday, July 5, 2012

Some People Have Been Through the Desert on a Horse with No Name

This horse has a name.

It's George Dickel.

You can almost see it here, but sometime or other somebody used it to advertise a business and painted over it, which I consider a grave disservice. I wish I could see him move, although he may have gotten a little too tipsy to parade around. He resides on Highway 51 in Coldwater, Mississippi. You must have noticed that my husband is a really good sport because whenever I say, "Oh there's a weird thing, let's take a picture, he gets out of the car and helps me take a picture. You can also tell that we didn't take this picture today, because if anyone had worn that jacket outside today, they would be dead, and he's not that much of a good sport.

A bit further north on Highway 51, you can find this fire department. 

I've been trying to decide if the name denotes the kind of fires they extinguish or the way in which they extinguish them. You need a little extra, loving kindness when your house or business is on fire, I guess. Or maybe they just want to set the world on fire with love, love, love.

This last picture was taken in the same retreat house, Casa Maria, as the one in the picture at the top of the blog. I love to catch strange light effects and it seemed to be a good weekend for it. For instance, the archway that appears so yellow above is really the same color as the wall behind it.

This was the view down the hallway from my room to the lobby. You see that square of white light? There's nothing there. After I took the picture, I walked down the hall and looked all around to see what could have caused it, but I didn't see anything.


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  1. When Janet asked by to find this picture, my ears where sure they heard: "Find that picture of George Dickelhorse." I had a blank look. (Not too unusual.) Who's Dickelhorse?
    "You know,the motorized horse on 51."
    Light in the darkness.