Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lick and a Promise

Well, I have many, many things that I would like to write about this morning; however, I have a large and onerous last-minute task that I have to complete at work before I take off for two weeks, and then there are the two other things that I barely had time to get done that have to be finished too, so I will just post two pictures we took on the way to work this morning.

This one because it's pretty, but not anywhere near as pretty as what I was looking at.
And this one because it's what it is.
Tractor Show/Rides, have not heretofore been part of my life, but I have a 6 year old grandson that I think just might enjoy this, so we will see.

Hopefully more this evening.



  1. But don't say anything until I'm sure.


  2. Time for an adventure. Harris Farms at 305 N and.....
    At least we have several weeks to find the location of the
    Y coordinate.

  3. Independence Volunteer Fire Dept. Antique Tractor Show and Ride - Antique Tractor show and Tractor Ride - Kiddie Tractor pull contest Women s skillet throwing contest Arts and Crafts booths Moon Bounces working dogs demonstrations Life music and food - Friday night fish fry Admission 5 a car. All proceeds benefit the Independence Volunteer Fire Department, Independence

    Hot dog! Get me a skillet!

    And is that "Life music" or just "Life."