Saturday, March 23, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Before I had surgery, and before I had a bubble in my eye (which has gotten to be quite small), Bill and I walked the next two stretches of our pilgrimage. We had two really beautiful, clear, just-cool-enough days, and the part of the road where we were walking is probably my favorite part of the trip. It was very sunny, and so the pictures came out fairly dark. I've done what I could with them, and they looked okay at work where I have a better photo editor, but they look dark again on my computer.

I love little paths like this that go who-knows-where. I may have said that about another picture earlier on, but I don't remember for sure. This was near the beginning of the day's walk. I didn't go down the road, but I would like to.

Another one of these. There is something so personal and intimate about these little cemeteries. I find them very touching.

Wasn't quite sure, though, why they need a mailbox.

Purple Deadnettle
I've seen this little purple weed/wildflower every spring of my life and I really like it, but have no idea what it's called. (UPDATE: Now I do, henbit.) (UPDATE: Nope! Purple Deadnettle) Around here, and I suspect in many places, Spring first shows up in mostly yellow--daffodils and then forsythia--and then comes the purple. There must be seven different kinds of tiny purple flowers in bloom at the moment.

Goodbye Tate County, Hello De Soto. There's something about crossing the county line that makes you feel like you're getting someplace.

I want one of these. If you could see a bit further into this yard, you would see that the people here have all sorts of yard ornaments including a little wooden wishing well. These wells seem to be pretty popular around here. I should have taken a picture of one. They also have some junker cars, but they keep the yard straight. They were out working when we passed by and the woman asked if we were walking for our health or if we needed her to take us someplace. Even after we said that we were fine, she seemed a bit concerned about us. I guess we look old.

We're ever-popular with the bovine set. We darn near caused a stampede.

They have a mailbox, too. You've seen this before. Still no head.

Here again. In the daylight this time and on foot. The gate was open and I wanted to walk up there, but Bill didn't. I might still have to do it sometime, though. I must have passed at least 4 empty bottles of that Cinnamon Whiskey that day. Must be very popular.

A little hidey-hole under the hill of crucifixion. Might make a nice tomb.

More farm machinery

Another nice road that I didn't take.

End of the road. I love this shed for some reason. I've always wanted to stop and look in it, and now I have. I found something in there that will be featured in another post one day, but not yet.


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