Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dangerous Beauty

This morning when my husband told me it was 36 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I was not particularly thrilled. I am just about tired of being cold. We've had some afternoons that were almost too warm, but almost every morning is cold. At least we seem to have gotten over frost on the windshield.

As I was driving to work though, I got over worrying about the temperature. All along the way, there was one breathtakingly beautiful sight after another. There was mist, and at one point I could look in the rearview mirror and see a shimmering pink veil behind me, and then look forward and see a shimmering blue veil ahead. The mist was lying in sheets above the fields. The trees in woods while still bare themselves were surrounded by a thick carpet of small white flowers. All the colors were somehow pale and bright at the same time, and every once in a while an intensely red cardinal would fly up from the side of the road. It's really a good thing that there wasn't much traffic, because I was so busy looking at everything that it was a bit dangerous.

This got me thinking about beauty and danger and the love of God, because, of course, God's love is the most beautiful and the most dangerous thing. The more He draws us toward Himself, the more we forget to be cautious about all those things that we used to think were important. We lose control of our lives--well, we never really had control of our lives--we lose the idea of control of our lives. We take our eyes of whatever our goals were before and drive right off the road to whatever sort or success we were trying to reach. And then we find we're safe for the first time.

This was taken in the Fall. I put it here because I wanted a beautiful picture and couldn't stop to take one this morning.