Friday, April 25, 2014

Then Again, Sometimes in the Midst of Life . . .

you are in life.

There was a morning this week that was so beautiful here that I had a hard time making myself get in the car and go to work. There were birds singing--so many I wouldn't begin to guess how many--and it looked like this.

And that bush to the left, which I believe is bridal wreath spirea, looked like this.

And even my dogwood, which is the worst dogwood in the world and hardly blooms, was blooming. Too bad it's hard to see in the picture because of sun behind it. This morning when I left, the petals had begun to fall and my way out of the drive was strewn with petals.

And although the violets that were growing on the fallen tree stump were dying, some henbit had moved in.

I don't know about you, but I see a face in that tree. I am really enjoying watching life spring out of that dead tree. 

The henbit in this picture is washed out because of the sunlight. This is what henbit looks like.

Nine months ago, the yard was such a muddy, yucky mess--the grass obliterated by heavy machinery--the workmen's trash everywhere--pieces of what had been my home in the drive, on the walk, in the bushes, on the porch--I couldn't imagine that I could ever enjoying being there again. Now, all that is pretty much cleaned up or over grown, and I'm looking forward to planting some things this weekend.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
I did want to say a word or two about the funeral, which was today. It was very sad. Aside from having lost two family members this month, there are two other brothers in wheelchairs with serious ailments, one was sitting in the aisle next to the mother, and the other was in the transept in front of her pew. It was heartbreaking to watch. Please pray for them. Also, I will tell you that if you are ever the lector at a funeral, don't make the mistake of looking at the family of the deceased right before you are supposed to read. 

Still, there was this.

I think today was the day I decided to die during Easter Week. How glorious to have this abundant symbol of resurrection at your funeral. It won't be this blurry, either.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Today I showed you the front yard. Tomorrow, I'm going to tell you about, and show you, the horror in the back yard.


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