Thursday, December 27, 2012

The End of the Road

On Saturday, December 22, we reached our parish church and finished the Pilgrimage~this part of it anyway.

Welcome to the big city. You can see how densely populated it is.

First sign of civilization.

Finally, the business district!

A considerately placed restroom

Northwest Mississippi Community College Administration Building

Strayhorn! The street where my church lives

Across the street from the stop sign we find the water tower. It says "SENATOBIA *FIVE STAR CITY*"  I haven't been able to find out why it's the Five Star City or when or how it got that name, but in searching for the information, I found on Wikipedia that two movies that were partially filmed in Senatobia have been nominated for Academy Awards: The Client and The People vs. Larry Flynt.

I thought that when I got to this last half-mile stretch, I would be so excited that I would fly down the street. Well, I was wrong. I felt so exhausted that I told Bill that if it had been a day that wasn't the last day, I would have sat down in the middle of the sidewalk and told him to go get the car. And there were all these terrible obstacles like stairs on the sidewalks. Whoever thought of such a horrible thing? And if you look down the street, you can see that mountain rising up in the distance. 

St. Gregory the Great! Hurrah! You can see Mary off on the left.

Mary and Joseph and the shepherds and wise men and ox and ass and camel and sheep and angels (there were three) were waiting for us--and Jesus.

It's so convenient to have a key to the door of the church.

And Jesus was waiting for us! 

So that's it for now. Sometime soon we will head for Holy Spirit church in Hernando. 



  1. "Senatobia was designated as the "5-Star City" by the Chamber of Commerce in 1962. The 5 points of the City Star represent Industry, Citizenship, Agriculture, Recreation, and Education ("I Care") and the ciy continues to adhere to the ideals expressed in its motto."

  2. Congratulations on completing this pilgrimage.

  3. This is great. I especially like the mountain.

  4. Thanks, Paul.

    Maclin, It's a lot harder to like when you don't have to conquer it.


  5. I have to confess to what could be euphemistically called a quasi participation in this pilgrimage. I started out making a novena for you to finish, and I forgot on day 8. So I started again. And again. And again. I never finished the novena. I didn't stop trying, but I gave it a break over Christmas. Grumpy

    1. I really appreciate your prayers even if you didn't finish the novena. I'm always a bit of a wreck when we pray a novena because I know I'll forget to say it. If I ever finish one, I feel like I've accomplished a great deed.

      Unfortunately, with one thing and another we haven't walked at all in 6 days, and now it's raining and I have hurt my foot.