Friday, December 14, 2012

The Antepenultimate Stretch~We Hope

Last Sunday, we walked another 1.8 miles for a grand total of 11.1 miles. This is a good ways more than 2/3 of the way. I'm getting kind of excited. Sunday's walk was past the busiest area so far. Tessa walked with us again and we started here.

You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them. They will still be blurry, but it's a cheap phone, a shaky old photographer, and a overcast day.

This was on the northwest corner, across from us. JJ's Discount Appliances-Doors-Windows-Flooring-and something that looks like Lawns, but surely that can't be right. 

On the northwest corner, Rodgers Funeral Home with many tombstones in front.

When Tessa was little, we were on the way to Mass one Sunday and she said, "Oh, that's so sad. Look how many people have died in that house.

I've always thought I'd like to have this house and now it's for sale. 

Of course, it's on a US highway and across the street from this.

 If you've been reading this blog for a while, you've seen that horse before here.  

Here's a better picture of his friend. After eating Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, he didn't have much use for granny's mattress.

That was just outside the second largest town in Tate County.

That business on the left used to be a great restaurant called The Copper Kettle. When it became Dr. Ba-Ba-Barbeque, I meant to get a picture of it, but I never had time to stop.

Then we passed these.

Your tax dollars at work.

About here, we met with a pretty strong headwind, and walking got to be less of a lark and more of a challenge.

The yellow-brick, uh, grey concrete road begins.

The days' journey ends.

Where we hope to be later today if it doesn't rain.

Look promising?



  1. Most enjoyable. To look at, I mean. Not necessarily to do.

  2. It was mostly enjoyable. Having Tessa along makes it moreso.